Shakespeare Lives

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Your donation,their education.

Shakespeare Lives

Shakespeare Lives was an exciting global programme of events and activities celebrating Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.

VSO was the British Council’s official charity partner for Shakespeare Lives. Together, we invited you to play your part and help support thousands of children around the world get the education they deserve.


Saying ‘no’ to forced marriage in Ghana

Imagine being locked up against your will in a dark room, fed little and with no hope of escape unless you agreed to marry a man you had never met. This is exactly what happened to Jenny, a 17 year old girl living in northern Ghana.


My daughter can be someone

Blessing Asokiyine, from northern Ghana, has Down’s Syndrome, and struggled to feel included in school. But now she is getting a lot more out of her education.


I want to go back to school

Racheael wants to go to back to school. She dreams of becoming a nurse. However her family’s poverty and the community’s reluctance to value girls’ education have forced her to drop out of school. Here she shares her story.


We will not succeed until every child with disabilities is in school

Children with disabilities in Northern Ghana are often neglected. The community isn’t sure how to best support them, meaning many get left out of school or mistreated. Joachim Faara, the Director of GES in Talensi District explains how children with disabilities are being brought to the classroom.


Shakespeare pen raises money for VSO

For each pen sold Bespoke British Pens will donate 15 percent to our education programmes – and help more children access to a quality education