Shakespeare Lives

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Shakespeare Lives

Shakespeare Lives is an exciting global programme of events and activities celebrating Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.

VSO is the British Council’s official charity partner for Shakespeare Lives. Together, we’re inviting you to play your part to help support thousands of children around the world get the education they deserve.

Case study

Giving modern-day Juliets a brighter future

In Shakespeare’s romantic play, Juliet enters her affair with Romeo at just 13. Of course, times were different. Yet early marriage is still common.

Case study

Foundations for a better future in Nepal: Kalpana's story

In Nepal, nearly half of all girls are married by the age of 18. On average, they enter adult life with just 2.2 years of schooling - less than half as much as men. Foundations are laid for a lifetime living in an unequal society. VSO’s Sisters for Sisters’ Education project provides mentors for girls at risk of dropping out of school.


VSO in the spotlight following launch of Shakespeare Lives

The campaign began with a flood of activity across social media, with people all over the world rushing to to share their favourite Shakespeare moments – whether a quote, a character or even their favourite scene. People from all walks of life are getting involved, including famous individuals from the world of business, such as Sir Richard Branson and Kelly Hoppen, actors such as Hugh Bonneville and celebrity musicians including Goldierocks.

Case study

Instant messaging lessons lead to 30% reading improvement in Indian schools

In India, Forty per cent of children who’ve completed four years of schooling still can’t read and write. Rural and remote schools face even greater challenges, making do with fewer resources - meaning innovative solutions are needed. VSO volunteer Alson Gee recently piloted a programme using SMS and Whatsapp technology to communicate daily lesson plans.

Case study

A brighter future for Lucy

Like many disabled children in Ghana, Lucy spent the first eight years of her life hidden and ignored. Unable to stand or walk, she was shunned by her community and unable to attend school. Now, after support from education volunteer, Jeannine, she is actively participating in the classroom, Lucy can walk and interacts with other children. Lucy is looking at a brighter future.